Daigo Technology Corporation Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Daigo Technology) is established in 2021 and has received a business transfer due to the bankruptcy of Sosei World Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the development and production and marketing of Daigo Water (Daigomi), such as sale of Daigo Water, Daigo salt and Daigo water generator, maintenance of Daigo water generator (including former Sosei World generator).
All core staff of the former Sosei World have also joined the company and are engaged in maintenance services.
Daigo Technology is now the only and proper contact channel for providing Daigo Water productions and negotiating business.

Cleaning Effect

Daigo water can get rid of dirt or stain from laundry, kitchen, bathroom or toilet without any kind of detergent.
It is suitable for any skin type, especially for sensitive skin who are unable to use face cleaners, body soaps or shampoos.

Environment Purification

Using Daigo water, there is no need to clean drainage pipes or sewage pipes in your kitchen. And as the steam coming from your bath water will automatically do the elimination work, you will never find any mold in your bathroom walls.
Daigo water which drains away as sewage can also revitalize nature’s own purification power by changing the rivers and the sea from their oxidized state to a reduced state and thereby activating the purifying microorganisms, which means Daigo water is recyclable and good for earth’s environmental sustainability.

Health Improvement

Daigo water controls the balance of intestinal bacteria, causing a large increase in beneficial bacteria such as bifidus and an extreme drop in bad bacteria such as clostridium, which means Daigo water can stop some bowel disorders by preventing fermentation in the intestines and suppressing the generation of activation enzymes.


There are no more extra face cleansers. Washing every day with Daigo water will reduce spots and freckles and leave your skin smooth.
Spray it as cosmetic water can also ease the sting of the sunburn parts quickly.
Using Daigo water instead of shampoo leaves your hair silky and easy to set, soft and strong.

Medical Treatment

By soaking parts of the skin suffering from scratches, cuts, insect bites or burns in Daigo water, its anti-inflammatory action as a reducing water and its revitalization action as a wave water will ease the pain and itching.
There are cases of stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers and cancer being healed by drinking Daigo water in daily life.

Improving taste and storing freshness

Cooking with Daigo water brings out the true taste of the ingredients. Soaking foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, or beans in Daigo water for a while will make them taste that little bit better.
The reducing effect on the food will also slow down rotting and the growth of the mold.


Animal’s body and fecal odors can be reduced by Daigo water, but you will be astonished at the deodorizing effect when it is sprayed.
When Daigo water and ordinary tap water are placed in front of animals, they are nearly superior instinct for self-preservation.

Growing Plants

By reducing oxidized soil and activating the microorganisms in it, Daigo water can change organic matter including kitchen garbage to a state of harmony and returns it to the earth. The supply of nourishment is improved, and the plants become invigorated, the cells become smaller, which affects growth and color and improves fruit yield and harvest periods.
Damage caused by insects can be greatly reduced by spraying with Daigo water to make an ecological zone which harmful insects cannot thrive.

Fuel Cost Reduction

Replacing the water in your car radiator with Daigo water improves perfect combustion, which gives you big savings on daily energy consumption.

Electromagnetic Wave Absorption

The electromagnetic waves from televisions or computers can lead people to extreme fatigue.
An effective way of protecting your body from the bad effect of these electromagnetic waves is to place a bottle of Daigo water next to your television or computer.

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